Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter! Best one ever!

Best Easter Ever!!!
It is true my friends. This year has been better than the one before. My mom went on a cruise with her friends and left my dad home. So we invited him to come to Flagstaff and spend the weekend with us and my brother.  To our amazement he agreed and had a wonderful time. He was so much fun!

The kids woke up bright and early as they usually do and found baskets that the Easter Bunny had left. Needless to say that making breakfast was a waste. It was replaced by candy.  It was a relaxed morning and we ready ourselves to go to church. We went with my dad to my brother’s ward, which I liked because it started at 11 and not 1:00. 

After church we went into the mountains and had a Dutch oven cook out for our Easter dinner. It was not the traditional dinner and it was so much fun. We had chicken, green bean casserole, marshmallows, roasted pineapple, potatoes with bacon and green chili, homemade root beer, pasta, snicker salad, and so much more. There were also egg hunts and disk golf. I loved having Dad there and spending time in the woods with such great friends and family. Enjoy the pics my friends because my Easter was AMAZING!!!! Hope yours was too! 

(Pictures are not in order. Not sure how it happened but I am too annoyed to fix it.)

My beautiful children dressed in the Easter outfits. 

 Easter morning. And hello candy!

Back to the woods. Looking adorable. Below is Peyton without the sore on the head. A good photo shop if you ask me. The rest are untouched. lol


Below is the Easter egg hunt at night.

Then the egg hunt earlier during the day

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A year later...

Yes my friends, I know that I never blog and I am trying to get better. I say that but making it a reality is more difficult. Blogging is my weakness. Anyways, for those of you that care, here are a few updates. First, let’s begin with some fun activities that the kids and I do. We love to make forts, color, make messes, watch movies, play music, play outside, and so much more.
Now let’s move on to Valentines. It was a special day and that is because I have the best husband in the world and my children have the best daddy ever. I adore him with all my heart. That being said, he made Valentines a special day. Peyton got a big balloon with Batman on it that seemed to never deflate. I got flowers which I love (one of the few girly aspects of my life). But the best part was having Pat show up at the door with a rose for Riley. Too darn cute if you ask me.
And now for spring break. I’m lucky to have such awesome in-laws that take off a week to take my little family on spring break. We love history and westerns so this year we went to Old Tucson and Tombstone. We got one of those old time pics taken and Riley loved the dressing up experience. Peyton on the other hand just wanted to shoot the gun and kill the elk. We also hit up the zoo, and the Tucker Family Reunion. We then hurried home before an awesome snow storm hit. Enjoy the pics and maybe you won’t have to wait a year before another update!!----Newest pictures first

Family Reunion


Old Tucson

Friends and Fun